We are not your ordinary food & beverage broker.
The Story of the Spoon.
A good company starts with a great story. Green Spoon was built on a desire to change things, to do things differently, to work with heart and passion, to care for our retailers and brands deeply, to strive to be better, and to conquer any obstacle in our path.
This isn't just our day job, it's our way of life.
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Meet our Leaders
Our team is driven by the desire to transform the retail landscape while infusing passion, integrity and transparency in all that we do.
Kari Pedriana
Chief Executive Officer &
Matt Bauman
Chief of Staff &
Greg Norris
Chief Financial Officer
Doug Helbig
Chief Operating Officer
Johnny Smrdel
Executive Vice President of Sales
Todd MacGrath
Chief Sales Officer
Shannon O'Shea
Executive Director of Whole Foods Market
Kristi Trujillo
Director of Culture
Mark Loebach
Senior Director of Regional Management
Brian Conkey
Senior Director of Retail Services
Daniel Morrison
Senior Director of Distributor Relations
Ben Skeen
Executive Vice President of Business Intelligence + Innovation
Kate Scott
Vice President of Finance
Miranda Smith
Executive Director of Promotions & Trade Spend
Sara Munce
Vice President of Strategic Accounts
Michelle Rochelle
Vice President of Sales – Take Root
Max Heller
Senior Director of Sprouts
Christen Heller
Director of Sprouts
Aaron Diehl
Director of Brand Advocacy
Dan Niemczyk
Director of NCG/INFRA